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Healthscope is Australia's second largest private hospital operator and a leading provider of pathology services in New Zealand, Malaysia and Singapore. Healthscope's business also includes 48 medical centres across Australia.

The Healthscope Group has a long history of operations in healthcare, being originally formed in 1985 and initially listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) in 1994.

In October 2010 the Healthscope business was acquired by a consortium of funds, advised and managed by TPG and The Carlyle Group and was subsequently de-listed from the ASX.

Following a period of successful growth under private ownership, the Healthscope business was re-listed on the ASX on 28 July 2014. In July 2015 Healthscope sold the Australian component of Healthscope Pathology, including Gribbles, to Crescent Capital Partners.

The Healthscope Investor Centre aims to provide existing and potential security holders and other interested stakeholders with equal and timely access to information about Healthscope Limited.

For any shareholder register queries please contact:

Computershare Investor Services
Telephone from within Australia: 1300 850 505
Telephone from outside Australia: +613 9415 4000
Email: web.queries@computershare.com.au
Website: www.investorcentre.com

For investor relations queries please contact:

Anita Healy
Telephone: +613 9926 7766
Email: anita.healy@healthscope.com.au

Suk Hee Lee
Telephone: +613 9926 7522
Email: sukhee.lee@healthscope.com.au

2017 Annual General Meeting
Thursday, 19 October 2017

Date of
DRP Price
9 Mar 201723 Mar 2017Interim3.50%Yes2.22
Total - 2017


14 Sep 201628 Sep 2016Final3.90%NoN/A
10 Mar 201624 Mar 2016Interim3.50%NoN/A
Total - 2016


14 Sep 201529 Sep 2015Final3.70%NoN/A
10 Mar 201524 Mar 2015Interim3.30%NoN/A
Total - 2015


Dividend reinvestment plan

In December 2016, Healthscope Ltd announced that it had introduced a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP) which provides shareholders with the opportunity to reinvest all or part of their dividends in additional Healthscope shares, free of brokerage, commission or other transaction costs.

Key features of the DRP

  • The DRP is a convenient way for shareholders to increase their holding of Healthscope shares.
  • Participation in the DRP is optional and available to shareholders with registered addresses in Australia or New Zealand.
  • Shareholders may participate for all or part of their shareholding and, subject to any limits imposed at the time a dividend is announced, there is no minimum or maximum limit on the number of their shares that may participate.
  • Shares acquired by shareholders under the DRP are free of brokerage, commission or other transaction costs.
  • Shareholders may join, vary their participation in, or withdraw from, the DRP at any time, subject to adequate notice being given.
  • DRP participation does not affect a shareholders eligibility for franking credits.
  • Shares allocated under the DRP rank equally with existing shares.
  • Once a shareholder elects to participate, the DRP will continue to apply for future dividend payments, unless a shareholder advises otherwise or unless the DRP is suspended or terminated by the Board in its absolute discretion.

Answers to some frequently asked questions are also provided in the Shareholder Information Booklet. Full details of the DRP terms and conditions can be found in the DRP Plan Rules.

In order to participate in the DRP for any financial year 2017 dividend, shareholders will need to ensure their DRP participation notice is received, or their online election is made, by no later than the first business day following any FY17 dividend record date.

Shareholders can make their election online by visiting www.computershare.com.au/easyupdate/hso.

Healthscope recommends shareholders seek financial advice and read the full terms and conditions set out in the DRP Rules before deciding whether to participate.


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