Corporate Governance

The Board is committed to conducting Healthscope's business in accordance with high standards of corporate governance and with a view to creating and delivering value for Healthscope's shareholders.

Healthscope's 2016 Corporate Governance Statement
Appendix 4G - Key to Disclosures Corporate Governance Council Principles and Recommendations

Copies of some of Healthscope's key documents relating to Corporate Governance can be accessed below.

Board and Committee Charters

  • Board Charter
  • Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee Charter
  • Nomination Committee Charter
  • Remuneration Committee Charter

Code of Conduct
Our Board and management are committed to our Code of Conduct which is based on our core values and on the expectations of our clients, of shareholders, and of the broader community.

Our Code of Conduct aims:

  • to promote a high level of professionalism and provide a benchmark for ethical and professional behaviour throughout Healthscope
  • to promote a healthy, respectful and positive workplace and environment for all our employees
  • to support our business reputation and corporate image within the wider community.

Healthscope's Code of Conduct can be accessed here.

Other Company Policies

  • Continuous Disclosure policy
  • Policy for dealing in Securities
  • Non Executive Director shareholding policy
  • Communication Strategy
  • Diversity policy
  • Policy on non-audit services

Our Assistance

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